Project Management Software

PCOM Project Management ERP Software Solution is designed specifically to handle the complexities of the entire project cost budget to actual cost control lifecycle and provides versatiles features that will meet the business requirements of critical roles within an organization. It is currently used by many leading construction & engineering companies in Singapore.

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Project Master

Project Scope and Other Details

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Material and Budget

Material and Budget Control

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Cost Transaction

Monitor Payment & Receipt

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Purchase Requisition

Onsite Purchase Requisition

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Variation Order

Submission of VO

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Monitor Sub-Contract Status

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Progressive Claims

Approval of Progressive Claims 

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Profit Summary

Performance Report by Projects

Project Master Module to control and monitor the project status. This is the main module of the System to control the status of all projects, User able to find out all the details of the projects here as long as they have the User Authority.

Cost Detail Module allows user to keep track of all the costing breakdown. This module allows project manager to monitor all cost down to each material or item level. User can records all the costs involved in a project here. User can also monitor the budget here.

Management can use the Budget Control Module to control the budget for each project ID.  This System allows User to monitor the original budget and subsequent additional budget. This gives a more realistic view of budget control as the project progresses. Tight budget control means better accountability which will lead to higher project profitability in a timely manner.

Management can set budget limit, there will be a Critical Cost Prompt feature to notify user. User can also set a cost prompt to signal the project manager in the event that the projected cost exceeds a specific critical percentage of the total budget.

Project Account Summary Module allows business owner to view the profit or loss per project. System will summarize the total cost incurred, invoice amount, payment, purchase order and etc. Costs breakdown to Material, Machinery, Labour, Sub Contract, and others. User can also view the projected and actual cost here.

Project Material Module allow user to keep track material details. User can first set up the material group, type, and catalog in the System. After that, User will be able to assign the material to each project and keep track quantity used.

Purchase Requisition Module is for construction sites to request for purchase of materials or tools. This module is useful especially for construction site to submit the request for purchase of additional materials. After the request was submitted, the management will decide to approve or reject the request.

Variation Order Module to monitor all the Variation Orders in a project. This module is designed to handle multiple variation orders for a particular project. User is able to set different disbursement rate or percentage.

Cost Transaction Module allows user to keep track transaction history. This is a summary screen to check all the transactions for a project for example Account Payable, Payment, Purchase Order and etc.

User can manage the claim of sub-contractors for each project by using the Sub-Contract Module.

PCOM Project Management ERP Software Solution is equipped with various comprehensive reports such as Project Listing, Project Value Summary by Company, Project Billing vs Actual Cost Summary, Project Detail and Cost Listing, Project Actual vs Projected Cost Listing, Project Material Listing, Project Transaction Listing, Project Actual Net Profit Listing, Project Claim Report, Purchase Order Listing, Project WIP and COG Summary, and Sub Contract Claim Listing.

Optionally, user company can choose to integrate the System with ZACCOUNTS the Finance and Accounting Management System. ZACCOUNTS V3.0 is one of the software listed on IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (ASR).