Clinic Management ERP Software Solution

PCOM Clinic Management ERP Software Solution is an intuitive Clinic Management System that coordinates and integrates all the inherent activities involved in the management and running of a healthcare facility and is designed exclusively to meet the security, technology and functionality standards for managing Electronics Medical Records (EMR), Appointment and Queue Management, Consultation and also Dispensary.

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Queue Management

Simplify Daily Process.

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Electronic Medical Records

Real-time Updates.

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Consultation Module

Diagnosis and Treatment.

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Dispensary System

Inventory Management.

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Medical Billing

Monitor Collection.

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Centralized Information

Server Environment.

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Management Reports

Comprehensive Reports. 

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Accounting Integration

Integrate Accounting System.

Why choose Electronic Medical Records (EMR)? Paper based records are still a very common method of recording patient information for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Clinics. However, they require a significant amount of storage space and are time consuming when we want to collate the data compared to digital records. With PCOM Clinic Management ERP Software Solution, physician can retrieve the next patient's medical history from the system before the consultation start. Patient's particulars, allergy and chronic illness, medicines consumed, complaint and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and medical fee will all be displayed comprehensively in one screen.

With Queue Management System, queue numbers can optionally be assigned automatically upon registration of patients. Clinic assistants will have a clear picture of the estimated consultation time and queue starting from registration and consultation to dispensary and medical payment. Also, patients are more satisfied when the waiting line is kept in order by a clear logical system.

Consultation Module allows physician to key in the patient’s complains and select the specific diagnosis, treatment, medication and medical fees at the same screen during the consultation. Users can preset the different types of diagnosis and the respective treatment. Alternatively, physician can choose to use writing pad instead of keyboard.

Dispensary and Inventory Management allows owner to have a clear idea of your current stock balance and status. Efficient stock control ensures that the right medicine is available at the right place and the right time. User can set the minimum stock levels to allow accurate stock holding. Users can control the stock by using the Inventory Master. User can also print out the medicine label sticker.

Medical Billing can be generated from the System. System accepts different settlement types for example Cash/Cheque/NETS/VISA and etc. User able to keep track the transaction history for all the patients and suppliers. User can also monitor the outstanding payment and receipt.

PCOM Clinic Management ERP Software Solution is a total integrated solution. The database is well connected to a Centralized Information Server. Physicians can retrieve all patients’ treatment history regardless of which branch or consultation room the patient has visited. For multi branches and consultation rooms, putting a server to work increases your productivity, and it enables smart auto backup and vastly improves the security of your data.

Also, this System is equipped with various comprehensive reports such as Consultation History Listing, Collection Listing by period of time, Collection Listing by branch/room, Collection Listing by physician, Payment Record by patients, Stock Balance Listing, Medication Dispensary Listing by period of time, Medication Dispensary Listing by staff, Medication Dispensary Listing by patients

Optionally, user company can choose to integrate the System with ZACCOUNTS the Finance and Accounting Management System. ZACCOUNTS V3.0 is one of the software listed on IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (ASR).