PCOM Automotive Workshop Software Solution is a Vehicle Workshop Software designed specifically to increase the efficiency and productivity of the vehicle repair and services business operation in Singapore. Currently our software development team is in the process to develop the mobile app for workshop operation which can be integrated with back-end System.

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Open Work Order

Check in the vehicle

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Service & Repair Details

Complete the work order

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Update Work Order Status

Auto-SMS to customer

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Vehicle Ready for Collection

Check out the vehicle

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Insurance Claim Master

Keep track all the records and status

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Accidental Details

Vehicle info, third party info and etc

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Generate Estimated Billing

Submit to insurance companies

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Generate Letter of Demand

For third party claims

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Customer Enquiry

keep track all service history

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Schedule Maintenance

monitor service due date

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Spare Parts & Costing

Integration with stock system

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Profit/Loss & Reports

Various Comprehensive reports

PCOM Automotive Workshop Software Solution have the unique capability to enhance the monitoring of work orders and spare parts usage. It can deduct the stock level automatically when we update the work order.

Job or Work Order Module to keep track daily service request. User can keep track of each vehicle status easily, right from initial assessment phase. The owner details, vehicle details, desired action, or vehicle faults are recorded in this phase. This module also allows the workshop owner to print an estimate of the cost of repairs for the owner’s consideration.

Stock or Inventory Module is a separate module to keep track spare parts usage. The seamless integration with Work Order Module allows efficient stock control ensures that the right spare part is available at the right place and the right time. Users can set the minimum stock levels to allow accurate stock holding. Users can control the stock by using the Inventory Master.

Some workshop dealing with accident or insurance claiming process. User company can choose to purchase the Insurance Claim Module to simplify the insurance claim process and shorter the time spent on preparing claim forms and documents printing. The System has a tracking system to control accident reporting and claim process. All parties involved in an accident can be tracked easily, along with their insurance policies plus agents or insurance companies.

Warranty Tracking Module to keep track warranty status and expiry. When a vehicle is returned to the workshop, the System assists the users to track the invoice number, invoice date for any part which has previously been replaced, or to access when the vehicle was last here for repair or what has previously been done.

Service Reminder to monitor maintenance services. The System allows workshop owner to call customer or send SMS reminders to remind their clients to send their vehicle in for servicing, perhaps after a determined next servicing date. With a complete history tracking of past repairs per vehicle, vehicle servicing continuity can be assured.

Operation Enquiry Module for customer service enquiry. This module allows the workshop owner to keep track of all previous repairs to a vehicle tagged by either the vehicle registration number or the engine or chassis number. You can also enquire by customer’s name, which will allow you as the workshop owner to list all parts/services rendered with each of their vehicle.

PCOM Automotive Workshop Software Solution is equipped with comprehensive Operations and Management Reports to allow the Workshop Owner to review the performance of the Workshop in terms of Operation Status, Income, Gross Margin and also Staff Performance.

Optionally, you can integrate it with other operational modules such as Vehicle Trading, Motor Insurance, Hire Purchase, Rental, Block Discount, Floor Stock, HP Agency, Debt Collection, Parallel Import. Further more, it can also be integrated with ZACCOUNTS the Finance and Accounting Management System. ZACCOUNTS V3.0 is one of the software listed on IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (ASR).