PCOM Automotive Block Discount Software Solution is a Block Discount Software designed specifically to increase the efficiency and productivity of the finance companies' business operation. This software is currently used by many leading hire purchase/finance companies in Singapore.

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Daily Payment

Monitoring of daily payment

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Payment Advice

Block discount payment advice

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Loan Release

loan release for block

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Monthly Payment

Transaction records

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Completion of Block

Block complete listing

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Block Discount Summary

Details of each account

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Block Discount Statement

monthly statement

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Vehicle Settlement

Block vehicle settlement listing

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Block vs HP Collection

better manage cash flow

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Paid & Unpaid

Block paid and unpaid report

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Outstanding Accounts

With projected payment

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HP & Block Analysis

HP vs block discount reports

This System consists of many comprehensive Software Modules such as Block Discount Master, Daily Payment Module, Block Discount Payment Advice, Block Payment versus HP Collection, Monthly Payment Listing, Block Paid and Unpaid Balance Comparison, and many more. 

PCOM Automotive Block Discount Software Solution is equipped with comprehensive Operations and Management Reports to allow the business owner to review the performance in terms of operation status, income, and other performance.

Optionally, you can integrate it with other operational modules such as Vehicle Trading, Motor Insurance, Hire Purchase, Rental, Workshop, Floor Stock, HP Agency, Debt Collection, Parallel Import. Further more, it can also be integrated with ZACCOUNTS the Finance and Accounting Management System. ZACCOUNTS V3.0 is one of the software listed on IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (ASR).