Human Resource Management Software Solution

PCOM Human Resource Management Software Solution is designed to keep complete staff or employee personal information, monitor leave application and leave entitlement. It takes away the very manual process of leave computation and documentation.

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Employee Master File

Keep track all employee info.

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Simplify Leave Application

Staff can apply leave through the System.

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Leave Entitlement & Status

Leave history and status

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Holiday Master File

Relevant holidays for leave processing.

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Work Time Group

Standard work time file.

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Employee Skill File

Keep track staff skill set and certification.

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Management Reports

Work Pass expiry, leave balance & more. 

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Integration with eEnquiry

Online Leave Application System.

Keep track Employee Information

The Employee File Master keeps track of all Employee Information for examples IDs, Date of Birth, Department, Staff Type and all necessary information. Critical Information like Work Pass Expiry Dates is kept in this Master File. This Integrates with the User Staff File, where relevant so double entry is avoided.

Sub Modules

PCOM Human Resource Management Software Solution coupled with different sub modules. The various supporting sub-modules are: Holiday Master File (Keeps a list of relevant holidays for Leave Processing and checking), Work Time Group File (Keeps a list of the standard work time file for use in the Employee Master File),  Employee Skill File (Keeps a list of the standard Skill Set for use in the Employee Master File).

Employee Leave Master

The Employee Leave Master File keeps ALL existing Leave Transaction with respect to any staff. Leave Entitlement, Leave Off-In-Lieu, Maternity Leave Records, Balance Leave is all tracked here. Leave Entitlement can be set to be generated from the system on a Pro-Rated Basis. However, Management can still give additional or deduct ad-hoc leave Entitlement in cases of Leave Redemption for Payment instead.

Leave Application Module

The Leave Application Module allows any Staff to Apply for Leave through ZHR. Once keyed in, a copy of the application can be printed for Management Approval. Management or Superior or Department Head can then approve the Leave through ZHR, after reviewing the Leave Balance and the Leave History for the Applying Staff.

Various Comprehensive Reports

Work Pass Expiry Report, Department Staff Listing, New Staff Listing, Leave Balance of Each Staff, Leave history of Each Staff, Medical Claims by Staff, Department and many more.