Finance & Accounting Software Solution

PCOM Finance & Accounting Software Solution - ZACCOUNTS V3.0 is listed under IRAS Accounting Software Register and is compliant with the technical requirements set out in the IRAS e-Tax Guide. All source accounting documents like Sales Invoices, Payment Vouchers, Receipt Vouchers, and Journals can be printed from the system without the need for manual preparation of these documents. GST/TAX Reports are available in the system.

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Simplify Invoice Generation

Integrated with operation modules.

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Eliminate Double Work

Reduce human error and mistake.

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Enhance Customer Relationship

Keep track transaction history.

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Enhance Sales Performance

Produce monthly sales report.

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Cash Flow Management

Knowing the current position of your accounts.

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User Access Level Control

Assign different user rights.

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eBusiness Integration

Moving towards paperless workflow. 

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Increase Accuracy of Accounts

Changes made will be updated in operation modules.

PCOM Finance & Accounting Software Solution (aka ZACCOUNTS) can be integrated with our Industry Specific Software Solutions to eliminate duplication of work between operation department and accounting department. Double entry of data is eliminated and manual errors are significantly reduced!

Monitor Bank and Cash Balance

Users can monitor all their Bank Accounts including Petty Cash and Client’s Accounts and can view the transactions on the screen at any time they want. The ledger balance of each bank account will be shown. Bank Reconciliation is provided in the system.

Sales Invoice and Payable Invoice Modules

Users can prepare invoices efficiently especially for those active customer/vendor by just selecting the correct customer/vendor ID/name and the system will call out their corresponding information. Unlimited item descriptions and multiple items are supported.

Receipt Voucher and Payment Voucher Modules

Users can easily sort out all outstanding invoices of the clients/vendor and conveniently apply payments received/paid. Users can apply one payment to one or more invoices, whether in part or in full. Discount negotiated during payment, staff reimbursement or cash purchases can also be handled. This module is fully linked to client information, Sales Invoice, Payable Invoice, Bank Module, and Reference Monitoring Modules.

Sales Order and Purchase Order Modules

Users can use the Sales Order Module to open Quotation when integrated with PCOM Distribution Management Software Solution, it will then update the Back Order quantity of the specific stock directly. Also, users can open Purchase Order to supplier and monitor the delivery of goods and etc.

Journal Vouchers for Accounting Adjustment

In addition to printing Journal Vouchers for accounting adjustments, you can even contra off clients and supplier invoices, or knock-off expenses with loan from Director or other sources.

Reference Monitoring Module

System has a Monitoring Lists to allocate specific Ledger code to different type of transaction. By having this function, users do not need to choose the Ledger Code manually, they can operate the system nicely even without the experience in Accounting. For example: Staff A wants to open a Sales Invoice, what he need to do is go to the Sales Invoice Module > select the customer > Add in the sales item by selecting the corresponding Reference e.g. Sales of Used Car(s).

GST/TAX Reports for Taxable Business

If your business is GST registered, PCOM Accounting & Finance Management Software Solution can help you save more time in the submission of GST Returns, generate IAF(IRAS Audit File) and maintains more than 7 years of Accounting data in the system.

Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, and Multi-User Ready

Multi-Currency applies to ALL Accounting Documents within the System. It allows user to define any currency and also the monthly rate table. User can use the transacted exchange rate at the point of entry.

System will automatically calculate the exchange gain/loss versus the transacted exchange rate at the point of realization. Also, it can be Multi-Language and able to handle Multi-User at different branches/locations.

User Authority Control

Our software offer businesses better security for financial information. Management can limit the number of users or departments able to access financial information and assign different user rights for them. Secure environments ensure managers and employees are unable to manipulate the company's financial information.

User friendly & Comprehensive Reports

More than 100 Comprehensive Accounting Report formats are available. Management Reports included Financial Related Reports, Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss Reports, Accounts Receivable Listing, Accounts Payable Listing, Outstanding/Aging Reports, Receipt and Payment Listing, GST Return, Bank Balance and Reconciliation, Bank Transaction Reports, Purchase Order Related Reports, Sales Analysis Reports and Graph, Staff Performance Reports, General Ledger Transaction &Journal Voucher Listing and many more!