PCOM Motor Insurance Software

PCOM Automotive Motor Insurance Software Solution is a Motor Insurance Software designed specifically to increase the efficiency and productivity of the motor insurance business operation. This software is currently used by many leading companies who provide motor insurance services in Singapore.

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Renewal Notice

System-generated format

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Batch Generation

Batch-generation of Renewal Notices

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Insurance Case Status

Keep track current status

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Premium & Discount

Calculate insurance fee

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Commission & Payment

Calculate total payout & collection

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Outstanding Transactions

Monitor Outstanding Payment/Receipt

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Changes of insurance policy

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Insurance Policy Renewal

Keep track renewal status

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Document Printing

Various printable format

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Policy Expiry Listing

Follow up potential customer

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Debtor & Creditor Report

Monitor Cash Flow

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Management Reports

Various Comprehensive reports

One of the most important features is the batch-generation of Renewal Notices. Users can generate the Renewal Notices by using the System. This will greatly reduce the time spent compare to manual checking.

Motor Insurance Master Module is to keep track for all the transaction history. Users can key in the Premium, Discount allowed, Commission, and other info in this Master Module. System will calculate the total amount that we need to collect and payout.

Payment and Collection Module is to monitor daily transaction. Users can use the System to monitor all the outstanding payment and receipt.

Policy Details Master Module allows user to add changes and endorsement. System able to handle changes, renewal and endorsement for each insurance policy, users can keep track all the information within the System.

Motor Insurance related documents printing to simplify and reduce the time spent on document preparation. Users can print out Motor Insurance related documents at anytime.

Also, this System coupled with various comprehensive management reports for example Policy Listing, Expiry/Renewal Listing, Debtor/Creditor Listing & etc.

Optionally, you can integrate PCOM Automotive Motor Insurance Software Solution with other operational modules such as Vehicle Trading, Hire Purchase, Car Rental, Workshop, Block Discount, Floor Stock, HP Agency, Debt Collection, Parallel Import. Further more, it can also be integrated with ZACCOUNTS the Finance and Accounting Management System. ZACCOUNTS V3.0 is one of the software listed on IRAS’ Accounting Software Register (ASR).