5 business benefits for SMEs using integrated financial and workflow management software. ‪#‎pcompl‬

1. Timely information help executives in decisions making

Integrated solutions enable your accounting and operation department to always in sync, ensure crucial business info made available for business owners to make better decisions in time.

2. Enhance protection against manual errors

It might appear to be lack of protection against manual errors if the operation department was not informed when there are changes made in a payment or receipt by an accounting executive, and vice versa.

3. Eliminate double work

Whenever there are changes or updates of data in the integrated software, the transaction which involved in both accounting and operation processes will be updated at once. Ultimate goal is to eliminate the labour intensive process of manual data entry.

4. Mobile-enabled applications

As a business owner, you may mobile-enabling specific software modules to enhance your operation workflow process. Mobile Applications can be integrated with your ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution. You can choose to share specific information with selective mobile device users.

5. Simplify ERP setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting

One of the common troubles for SMEs is having too many vendors that they need to work with for accounting software, workflow system, website design, mobile application development, internet and computer network, and computer hardware maintenance. An Integrated Solution allows company to work with just one vendor on their ERP setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and etc.

Yes, choosing an ideal integrated solution is not easy. However either way you will be making a significant investment, perhaps through measuring the ROI(Return of Investment) in the long run may help you in the decision making.

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